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I can't believe it when I look at the numbers, and still hear people say the h1 is a contemporary of the RDs.
I'd love to have an h1 for awhile, but it doesn't seem like a bike I'd want to keep.
An R5, or RD on the other hand....
They've got something special.

Anyway, just thought of brake distance and added it to the list.
We should probably add a category; where things that will be continuously beaten should be.

  • highest speed = 100 points
  • best mpg = 25 points
  • worst mpg = 25 points
  • brake distance = 75 points
  • lightest bike = 100 points
  • rattiest (I think ratty is going to be a point heavy category for awhile) = 4 points
  • longest wheelie = 100 points

I know you guys can think of some more
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