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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
since you're new at 2 strokes

what about negative points...

blowing up pistons -100


performance mod/tuning that actually hurts performance -100

oh and a dirt burnout is significantly easier than a street burnout why more points for dirt?

oh and the real test would be first one to do 200 miles on it. that will put all factors into play...

I was kinda thinking you should get points for blowing up pistons
Oh shit, now we've got to create a rebuild category.
I think of rebuilding shit as a pro rather than a con so, I'm going to give points for anything that falls into this section

  • Carbs (set) = 25 points
  • top end = 100 points
  • bottom end = 250 points
  • forks = 100 points
Sound fair?

Also added the first to 200 mile test. The first one here will receive 300 points.
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