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I am a firm believer in ATGATT. I took a little skid on the pavement a year ago and didn't have everything on. Never again!!

If you'll remember from the last episode, my camera is dead. I do take a ton of photo's and my reports will get much better in the near future. Just got this little guy.

Panasonic TS3. It 's a tough camera that's shock proof to 6.6ft, waterproof to 40ft, and dust proof since it doesn't have a zoom that extends from the camera. Perfect for me!!

Well, that aside, I didn't have the camera for this ride, so just a few pics to go along with the story from last week.

Where was I? Ahh yes, the Klim gear!! So I of course have to test the gear and it just so happens that rain is forecast again.

Hobbes and I are off! I'm heading back to Rampart Range to ride some OHV stuff cause I haven't tested the Tiger on anything more than gravel roads at this point. It's lightly raining and it's beading off the gear just as it should. I'm so happy!

I got to Rampart Range Road and turned off the highway. I passed the first parking lot where a bunch of dirt bikers were finishing their day. I wonder what they think when they hear a triple whiz by on the gravel at 70.

The last ride I came through here in the dark. This time it's daylight and I see all the trails right next to the road. This is what I came to do! I was off the graded road and into 250cc territory. I was on the easy trail next to the road and saw and intermediate trail, so I said why not? It quickly dropped off and away from the main road.

Then ,I had a grown up moment. No detailed map, no GPS, by myself, getting late in the day, and raining. I should go back to that parking lot where those guys were finishing their day and see if they have some locals knowledge and maybe an extra map. So, I turned around and headed back in the general direction of the parking lot.

I was on an intermediate trail and the Tiger is handling great! Flickable, still has traction with the street tires on, and sounds great in the woods!

I knew I was close to the parking lot. I came over a rise and saw a climb from hell. Washed out from all the rain, tree roots, and rocks. I'm already committed at this point because of the speed I was carrying. GAS GAS GAS!! The tiger is clawing and swaying in the gully climb. Hobbes is jumping from one side to the other and bouncing from rock to tree root and back to the next rock. I think I was literally laughing in my helmet at this point!!!

I got to the crest of the climb and caught a little air off the lip, landed on my rear tire, rode a wheelie for a few feet and set the front tire down. I was stopped next to a few guys having a beer after riding their 250's and 450's all over.


I calmly answered, "Got a map?"

They were completely blown away I got the bike up that gully. We chatted for a min and they informed me there was a pretty good trail that paralled the road. All their maps were soaked and disintegrating. Good enough for me. Off we go again!

I rode 20 miles of ATV and single track after that. This bike continues to impress me. A front knobbie will help a lot keeping the front tire out of the bottom of ruts and holding a line. But, that is my only complaint. A tire change. That's it.

I can say this with confidence, "I WILL take this bike anywhere the KLR went."

Those are the only pics. Sorry.

Oh wait... this one too. Got this one outta the way. A little too much gas getting on the gravel from the single track. I had to pick up the Tiger for the first time. The Happy Trails guards worked well. I bent the brake pedal a bit, but it's steel. Easy to bend back. And I'll also say this; It's easier to pick up than a 990!!!

I jumped back on the gravel and took 502 to Jackson Creek Rd. It's been raining pretty good this whole time and my gear is working as advertised. I made it back to the pavement and was gawking at all the mansions sitting on 10+ acres. I looked over and thought, "That's a weird place for an elk statue. Wouldn't you put it by your driveway? Holy fuck it's real!!!" This was leaps and bounds way bigger than any bull I've ever seen. Magnificent!!! It was a real highlight of the evening to see something like that less than 50 yards away.

Now it's getting dark and raining harder. I make it back to Denver and it's raining twice as hard as the other night. Can't see shit. I stop for the light at Alameda and Sante Fe. Water is coming over the top of my boot! There was easily two and a half feet of water in the intersection!! There were two cuties in an Escape next to me giving me the thumbs up. I opened my face shield to make eye contact and blew them a kiss. That's how I roll. The light turned green and I got on the pegs and the gas.

Who knew Hobbes' first stream crossing was going to be in Denver city limits?!

The gear is still doing great through the torrent of water. Some is running off the helmet down my back. I'll come up with a fix for that. The feet and hands are soaked, so I do feel wet.

I turned up Alameda and the there is literally a river running down the road. On the pegs and on the gas!! People must really think I'm crazy. Now I'm getting water down the front of my jacket. Oh well, I'm going back to the BIG puddle!

I went back to Sante Fe and Alameda and crossed it like 10 times. At it's deepest, I'd guess over three feet. The Tiger will cross some rivers!! There were all sorts of people stalled out in the intersection, and I'm out playing.

Sunuvabitch. I'm wet now. Gore Tex can't keep you dry when it comes in the openings. Time to go home. Til next time.....
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