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Originally Posted by SOLO LOBO View Post
I need to get to work myself....
Indeed! I wanna see some more unholy progress While we are waiting for the new Rdubb triples are you tempted to try to get the front end working with the KTM triples? I am.
Despite my impatience, it would be great to be able to compare the two different offsets.

In the meantime I suppose I should follow your lead and pull these forks apart. I want to shorten them to stock beemer length like you have done and just get to know their innards.

What I am really curious about is re-springing and re-valving these things- how to figure out what to do. I've been given a contact to do this work, but I would love to be able to figure it out so I can do it myself- no, not for the personal satisfaction, but for the money!

I look forward to some very detailed discussions and experiments with this (when the time comes) on your Unholly thread as we each start to work with these forks.

Originally Posted by Sibbo View Post
and I reckon you were very lucky with that bracket ... go buy a Lotto ticket !
Thanks mate,
the ebay description said the 320mm caliper bracket cost the seller $350 from 'the powerparts catologue' Given the stupid prices of these things new, let alone what we pay for them if we buy them through the 'proper places' in Australia that wouldn't have surprised me. Googling the part number (58413014000) however, shows it can now be bought here online for $150, so the description was BS.
It came to me in it's original brembo box with the original literature- and only cost me $10.50, so I reckon it was still a good buy

Just for interest (if anyone interested in this sort of thing actually reads this)
Having googled this part number I have, I followed a few discussions and I think I may have found what might be the actual stock part that might have done the job (ie fitting a 320mm rotor and two pot brembo caliper to a set of WP extreme forks)
Part number 58313049000
As visable in this parts fiche
The main reason it might not work is (I believe) if the fork lower mount for the caliper bracket is different to the one I have (some of my reading indicated this might be the case?).

I'll keep an eye out for the 'real' part, if I can get one cheap, just to neaten things up a bit, but in the mean time my double bracket doodad will have to do. Maybe it will warm on me in the mean time
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