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Originally Posted by dbh View Post
I'm following this thread with interest, as my rides often take me to remote locations where a charging system failure would be highly problematic. I keep an eye on my battery voltage.

I have a Garmin 276c plugged into the GPS power plug near the battery and have configured 2 things on this unit.
1. one of the fields displays the voltage
2. one of the alarms is set to alert me to voltage falling below 12V

Normally I glance down while riding and see 13.7V +/- 0.1V regardless of the electrical loads I typically use. Occasionally, 2 or 3 times/day, I will notice a low voltage alarm and see a voltage of around 10V lasting for a second or two. Since I'm using CAN-bus supplied power from that plug, I've been wondering if this brief voltage drop is just part of the normal operation of the bike. It's not just turning off the power, since that would show the GPS internal battery which is around 7V.

Anyway, I thought I'd mention the GPS display and alarm capabilities in case others here have a Garmin hard-wired to their bike.
I wonder if this is available on the 60Csx? Just got one & waiting for it to arrive. Plan to hardwire it direct to the battery. Would be cool if it doubles as a battery monitor.

I also have been wondering if the failures are related to running extra accessories and how they are wired. I just can't see how if the alternator fails during warranty period it isn't covered
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