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Originally Posted by ChiTown View Post

Sorry, riding sloppy gravel roads to the Arctic Circle is a great accomplishment for the riders, but doesn't prove a thing with this bike for it's long term reliability, or dirt handling abilities, any bike can do that ride with the right pliot. BTDT

Seems to me the consensus is, the XC is a better road bike than dirt bike and personally I have a DS bike to ride hard on dirt, with long highway miles in comfort to get there - my focus in handling is on dirt so this bike doesn't interest me at all.

Looks like a real nice bike, and I say if someone is having fun while riding it, then it's the perfect bike for that person.
I'm with you. I bought an 800XC for the road, and it is nice on the road. And I will eventually update my Dakar with another BMW product. I'm waiting on BMW to make something more similar to your ST bike. If they don't do it via the BMW badge, they may do it with under the Husqvarna badge and a 900cc displacement. I'm looking forward to what this machine will look like.

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