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i'm tossing around a 'berg 570 in the woods. talk about out of shape. assuming you are going to use the bike for 'trips' that don't involve a trailer, make sure your 'little' bike has some form of subframe. the 'berg has none so putting anything on the tail in regards to cargo will be next to impossible.

luckily for me, i trailer it/moto carrier it wherever i'm going to ride it. jesse hasn't come out with a luggage rack for it yet.

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A small husky TE is at the top of my list for a new bike... There's places I just can't go, or too out of shape to on the STB no matter how much money gets dumped into it... and forget about taking an even heavier DS bike on those kinds of trails too.

I do really think the XC design looks great, I'm just not interested for my riding.
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