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Originally Posted by austin View Post
Indeed. I understand that. This is the first time I've ever researched a motorcycle that I was going to buy. I've been blindly buying BMW air/oil heads for a long time. I thought I'd try to be open minded and look at other bikes that have come out in the last 8 years. But this thread is stressin' me out!

F800.. 800XC.. F800.. 800XC.. F800.. 800XC.. F800.. 800XC.. F800.. 800XC..

And yes, I rode the XC. Still need to stop by the local Harley-Davidson dealer to see if one of the 3 bikes in their "BMW Department" is an F800GS that hasn't been farkled the fuck out to 18 grand.
Don't stress. Just buy the bike that fits you.

What seems eons now my cousin committed suicide on a motorcycle. He was drunk, pissed off, and going way too fast. Hit an off ramp, lost control, crashed and burned. But the worst thing was that his father (my dads brother) happened to be driving across the bridge at the end of that off ramp in a Semi at the exact instant that my cousin crashed. My uncle ran over his own sons mangled body.

I was so young I didn't have a drivers license yet and my mother told me that it would kill her if I ever got a motorcycle. It was in my blood so I hid it for years, but she eventually found out. Well that was more bikes than I can count ago and my parents have never accepted the fact that I live and breath them.

I crashed once, hit a deer @ 60 mph on a cruiser. Stayed on the bike the entire time I was flipping end to end. Crushed the gas tank with my knees. Broke both wrists and permanently separated my right shoulder. Split my helmet in two. Tore open my riding suit and suffered road rash down the right side of my body as I was pinned under the bike while we were sliding down the road. When I bought the cruiser I was actually shopping for a BMW GS. Got talked into buying the cruiser instead by a slick salesman with a sharp tongue who wanted to make a deal to get the cruiser out of the showroom. Last time I ever made the mistake of letting someone else tell me what I should buy or talk me into a deal that I wasn't comfortable making. I didn't trust my instincts about that bike and never really liked it. Never really had fun on it. I'll probably die on a motorcycle but after that I decided that when I do, it'll be on my terms riding a bike that I thoroughly enjoy, through my own choices.

A couple weeks ago and several thousand miles behind I stopped home to visit the family. Just before I left my folks house I pulled the F8 out of the garage to get ready to go and my mom said to me "you told me this bike was you, and I see know that it is". She said "It suits you". And it does. I love my F8.

There is no perfect bike but there are bikes that fit your lifestyle, ideology, and self image. Go with what works for you and have fun. XC <-> GS, doesn't matter what kind of ride you are on as long as you are happy riding what you have.

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