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Airshow and Sharks v Bulls Rugby Union

In the end I ended up riding the whole way back to Durban in one hit about 700k's the last 2 hours in raining wet conditions, I was so tired but just pushed through and made it just after dark. My neck was that sore by the time I arrived back I couldn't even turn my head which made for some interesting times but as a rule I was going faster than everyone so all I had to see is forward anyway. I will have to do something about the high screen it puts it right on my helmet line and buffets my head badly which will only make my neck worse and worse.

Obviously slept pretty well last night, got up for breakfeast at 8:30 had the regulation bacon and eggs and cereal. I wasn't it to much of a hurry to get down to the air show as it ran all day and didnt want to be to tired for the footy later, it sucks having to take all that shit into consideration when I set out for a day but oh well getting stronger and better at dealing with all the time.

Came back to my room after breakfeast and had a bit more of a rest till around quarter to 10 then started to unpack the bike its certainly easier to rip the gear off than it is to put it back on, why is that.
So all sorted and off to the airshow, got to the gate and there was a heap of bikes parked on the grass area out the front of the club so jsut parked the bike there and walked in.

Arrived at the air show at around 11:30 and talked to one of the guys at the gate who knew Vern and Alexa so no dramas striaght in. There was alot of people there, all the planes and the piloting was excellent to see and I was getting the run down on all the different aircraft and all the different pilots involved from Vern and JJ, both have been involved in the Aero Club and been involved organising the day over the years.

There must of been quite a few thousand people there, hard to say exactly as there streets outside the area were lined with heaps and heaps of people as well and they would of had a decent vantage point but nothing like being on the balcony opposite the airstrip. Met so many people today its nearly impossible to remember everyone, I do my best to remember names but today I must of been introduced to around 50 people and all very friendly.

One of Verns mates who I met the other day about doing the story said that he would be back later with the tv crew to interview me, yikes I hate that sort of thing, fortunately they didnt come back or I got out of there before they did.

I dont know what it is, as much as im comfortable talking to every day people about what im doing, im not comfortable with the publicity side of it and havent been from the very beginning and as much as I can see the positive goal setting story to it, it really just isn't me. I know the story and how I recovered and set positive goals could inspire someone to get off their ass and have a go when they have a set back in life for what ever reason, maybe its cause I feel like I haven't done anything yet, in saying that I know I have acheived a lot, im sitting in Durban South Africa been to Thailand New Zealand and Tasmania since I left on my adventure but I think back to my captaining and coaching days playing football and my belief that you havent achieved anything till the final whistle in the grand final when you win.

Anyway I didnt have to worry about it, we left before they caught up with me, I was sitting in Kings Park with JJ and his family to see the Sharks v Bulls rugby Union Currie Cup opening game now.

Grabbed my bike from out the front of the Aero Club and brought my bike into the carpark and parked it right near the front door of the club and locked her up. JJ had booked a taxi so we all piled in and headed off for the short drive down to the Stadium.

Kings Park stadium is quite an impressive place to watch football and JJ's companies corparate box is in a dam good spot between the halfway and quarter line. I settled into it with a beer or two, I wasn't able to drink to much as I still had my bike at the aero club and had to ride home later, it sort of sucks not drinking but oh well next time.

The game was good the home team the Sharks won, pretty much dominated the game other than a few brief minutes so as you can imagine everyone was in a good mood, you know how it is when your favourite team loses, oh the coach is a bum the ref is shit this player needs to go so there was none of that everyone was happy.

Everyone there in the box I met seemed like really nice people so had a real enjoyable time. The young guy working behind the bar was the son of one of the crew there and I was talking to them about I want a billion dollar note from Zimbawe and then he pulls out a 750 000 note so that will have to do, its only worth a few cents, well less than that actually but ill send it home to Logan he will love it.

Left the footy with JJ and his family and headed back to the Aero Club and had a beer and alot of the pilots from the day were up there having a drink. One of them was an x world champion stunt flier who was in the red bull race series, what he was doing today was quite extroadinary makes riding a bike through Africa pretty lame in comparison. Another one of the pilots CC Plum I think, he was one of the guys that flew one of the older slower planes, but unlike the rest of the quicker stunt planes what he could do with that plane was amazing, basically had it almost stall and when most planes would fall out of the sky he kept it up, over the years he has worked out that 40 kilos of balast in the back of the plane can reduce your stall speed to basically bugger all, i guess with those things these guys are talking millimetres with their control of the plane pretty amazing actually to talk and hear them speak on the subject.

Alexa turned up and was obviously keen to party, I must say i could get comfortable in Durban theres some nice chicks here, there was one blonde girl sitting near us im pretty sure she was with someone but JJ's wife was saying how she looked like a barbie doll ok Im a fan of barbie then haha

Anyway had the bike down stairs and it was 9:30 so thought id hit the road as much as I would of loved to hang around and get on it with Alexa and the rest of the crew that were there, plus some of the girls were getting pretty pissed which would of been an advantage to me obviously looking like I do.

Anyway running out of battery on this pc so ill wrap it up basically had an uneventful ride home now just chillin watching tv and tomorrow is another day. Thank you to everyone that I met today and for all your welcoming hospitality, just love it.

The picture i've added below was the under 20 game before the big match.

The airshow was cool lots of great planes and some even better flying, not an avid fan of planes and flying but it was still impressive.

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