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Originally Posted by mrprez View Post
Great video Oliver, can't wait to see the rest. Where did you stay while you were in CO?
Thanks everyone for the comments I'm glad I can give back to our great community! Hang on because day 1 is kinda boring... lots of heat and maybe a quick video. I am still working on some cool day 2 videos but should have at least one ready tomorrow!

To answer your question... I stayed all over the place, only once did I camp in the same spot twice. I did motels as well due to weather, being exhausted, heat, etc...

Day 1 continued...

Finally I find some dirt... all the way in New Mexico! This spot is just west of Sumner lake. I saw the pavement/dirt sign and wanted to get a picture next to it. I was surprised by the ultra soft sand and paddled my way back to the pavement so I could put the kickstand down

So there is some real rough country out here... I stopped by a mad-made oasis... took my helmet off and enjoyed a bit of solitude before roaring off into the sunset.

(I didn't realize it at the moment but the fence running down the middle of the well is a sign to be heeded)

Soon after this picture I am cruising along at about 45mph on the graded road minding my own business when... in a flash... a freaking antelope jumps up in a cloud of dust, legs flailing, look of pure terror in it's eyes, running as fast as it can directly at me!!! I had no time to react and if I was going any slower it would have clipped the back of the bike. I was disappointed I didn't get it on video so later I made it a point to turn on the helmet cam for a bit just for practice.

This next picture is why I hate cows... I've had them charge me, force me to turn around on a mountain road because they couldn't get off the road, and now this cow would absolutely not move. I didn't know if it was sick or hurt... it was away from it's heard and a bit frothy at the mouth. I had no choice... I wasn't about to turn around and lose hours.

I dismounted and started walking towards the cow... it looked agitated and started walking towards me... woah, OK, now I backtrack and get my bike between me and the cow. It starts to slowly walk around, keeping an eye on me until it is about 5 feet directly behind my bike. I debated whether to risk getting on the bike and slowly inched forward... I had all my gear on so I jumped on and was off in a flash! Damn cows...

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