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Originally Posted by Dakar Dan View Post
Looking forward to joining the "Ned Head" brigade.
We've gotta come up with a better name- Ned Head would seem like everyone had male pattern baldness.

Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
Let us know if you need an adress or help to ship your gear to a place in Holland, let me know!
Appreciate the offer! Never know what will emerge, so I might just take you up on that!

Originally Posted by Boondoggle View Post
Can't believe the countdown clock is starting...
It seems wrong to me, too. Dakar belongs with Santa Claus, not air conditioners...

Originally Posted by Misery Goat View Post
Let me know if you need any recon work on the ground in BsAs.
I've gotta get on pre-race accommodation. The race leaves from Mar del Plata this year, a few hours South of BA, but the time is now to make a plan!

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
I'm going to have to return the favor and get one of your shirts...
We're going to have crossed wires, then, because I'm going to get one of your Buffs... really hope we meet again, this time in South America!

Originally Posted by brent tex View Post
Good luck with all the prep and training.
Thanks, I need it. Every time I sit down, a flood of things that I need to get done comes washing through my brain. I make lists and they quickly spawn sub lists that spawn sub lists... hard to keep it all straight.

On the training front, though, I'm headed to Idaho tomorrow with Hillslamer for a long weekend of [S]riding[/S] training. Can't wait, will bring the camera and share pictures of the decidedly non-rally (singletrack) terrain we're headed for. I'm going to see the Klim guys up there as well, so it should be a productive weekend.
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