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Originally Posted by jake28 View Post
The caliper mount is effective, though inelegant: well done. With your spacer/slleve solution, is there any concern with lateral torque on on the long allen bolt under braking? I'm sure it's fine, I'm just trying to visualize and understand all of the mounting points.
Thanks for the comment,
and a very fair question, exactly the sort of critique I am looking for.
Honestly, I don't know and hadn't put much concern into that specifically (yet). I see what you mean though. I've just gone out to the shed again and tried to simulate as much braking load type forces as I can. The bracket assembly feels as solid as a rock. Literally. No matter which way I push, pull and tweak on it, as hard as I possibly can, I can't get it to move in the slightest detectable amount. Of course real braking load will be a much higher force than anything I can simulate with my two hands, so I am just going to have to keep an eye on it when road testing finally begins. I am also going to make a very well fitted sleeve for that bolt.
So yeah, my feeling is it will be perfectly fine, but thank you for raising that concern and I will keep an eye on it. This is all-seat of the pants stuff for me, so I could be very wrong.

The caliper itself on the top and bottom sort of floats on the caliper bracket on two rubber bushed pins that would probably experience similar 'lateral torque' as this allen bolt in question. There is actually a fair bit of play or wobble in the caliper on the bracket.
These are very heavy duty strong allen bolts as well. Beemer bits from my parts- not sure of original application.


I spoke to Paul Rooney this afternoon about frame reinforcing and swing arm lengthening, amongst a bunch of other helpful details. Going to have to start a new piggy bank with his name on it
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