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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Hey DD!

I've just seen Neduro has entered too... I fear I'm going to be bankrupt!
Yes I have been also following Neduro

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
The problem I've had is having been off a bike for six months, and eating way too much crap as compensation...

I used to cycle around 100 miles a week (on and off road) on the MTB, and that was really good for my joints and general fitness... so that is what I'm going to start with... I have good [muscle] strength, it's just my cardio that is weak, and like you see, is what you need to maintain strength throughout the event...
I see, But you should have your core fittness still from the 100 miles a week Mountain biking you used to do (Unless it was along time ago) which I'm sure it isn't

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Not enough to be honest - not that I consider it affected me, but I was trading on my previous fitness, rather than maintaining or improving...

I'd done well in Tunisia, and considered myself 'bike fit' enough for the Dakar, but then as you recall I went and broke my foot in September so that screwed up all my plans for really getting in shape before the event. By the time I was able to walk/ride again, it was mid-November, and the UK was frozen solid - I didn't want to risk riding so close to the start, and while I was walking again, even at the start of the event my ankle still wasn't what you could say 100%...

And now, while I'm sure I can get much fitter, I'm not sure my ankle (with the plate in this time) is going to be 100% either... that is what I have to weigh-up...
You really need to be in top shape for the Dakar. I have seen the training plans for some of the regular guys (not the pro's) for the 2012 Dakar and they have been already training for months now and building up fittness, and they don't have an injury. 'Bike Fit' what do you mean? I worry you will convince yourself that the other events you have done give you a faulse sense of fitness. I know you did the Dakar in 2011 but realisically and with all the respect in the world you didn't finish day 4.
I'm willing you to get to Dakar 2012 and finish it, I remember your 2011 statment you wanted to be the fastest women in England to do the Dakar. Is that still your goal? Don't underestimate the Dakar.

“I am confident that with my experience, together with my current race bike and the assistance of my support team, I have every chance of finishing; and my intention is to be the highest placed British woman to do so - that is my goal.”

Have you thought about saving your money and getting strong and fit for 2013. If you are only just starting to loose weight and start to get back out on your mountain bike at this stage I fear it might not give you enough time for 2012, doesn't England have cold dark winters and Fall is only 6 weeks away...

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post

Seems I'm destined to always race Dakar with some kind of ailment!

Why? You could wait and get it right for 2013 and be fully fit and ready...

I wish you well and hope you do it.


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