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Originally Posted by Grok View Post
Hi Alex,
I am targeting the Christmas season for the 4-cylinder version. A fair bit of work done on the Harmonizer is applicable so I think it's realistic.

It's been started but has a long way to go.
As far a price is concerned, It will be under $200. How much under $200 has yet to be determined. I'm pretty good at designing things in a cost-effective way, so I'll do my best!
I'll of course be following this thread to see how the rest of the world likes the 2-cyl version, and waiting impatiently for the next version.

The Christmas season feels like forever away but it isn't really. And getting it right is more important than just getting it out of the door. Not in love with the possible price, but if it REALLY works, makes tea and coffee, has a hot and cold running maid service, that is survivable. After all, compared to the boatload of money I've ploughed into the Laverda so far...

Probably should have gone for twin carbs on the Norton instead of the single Mikky. Will it balance a single carb?


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