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Can this be a cooling problem? Since the stator seems to "burn", for me it indicates that heat dissipation is not adequate. Then that falls down to oil cooler and oil quality. If the cooler and/or alternator cover is cover by s*hit, cooling will suffer heavily. If the cooling capacity is designed to clean surfaces then - according to idea of dual purpose bike - there is a huge design flaw.

Yet, this can be also a poor quality of stock alternator workmanship - you know - the cheapest offer syndrome i.e. designed and manufactured by economist.

A was about to install a carbon protector on the alternator cover (since it was close to crack on one hit) but reading this topic gave me a second thought. Well, if a put some heat transfer paste between the cover and "cover"...

For me this sounds like I'm about to install toothbrush as a standard equipment on my bike and clean oil cooler after every trail or dirt ride. You know, BMW should place toothbrush to tools under the seat to clean the oil cooler daily...
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