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Thank you for your reply. Hope I didn't stop you training by making you sit on the internet. We all know that is no good for anyone!

I have seen guys and girls fail the dakar over the 20 odd years I have been going out and following it, Often they say it was because of an accident when really it was fatigue that made them make the wrong move or wrong choice. The mind of a rider with fatigue is not as sharp as one without. The rider who is fitter suffers with fatigue less so the mind is on the job and crashes are much much less likely to happen. It all adds into the mix during the Dakar, but as you say Dakar Luck also has a small part to play.

Hope you are enjoying the mountain biking? Do you do 100 miles in one go? over a weekend? or spead over a few days? Do you have a phsical job? All this helps build up your leg strengh and stamina. It is the stamina you will need once you hit the sand! Those Dunese brutal. Pushing yourself hard on your mountain bike is great and like you say you'll have your fitness left from when you did all the mountain biking you did before the crash in January!
Are you sticking to the same training program you had for your 2011 Dakar?

Who will be doing your support in your 2012 Dakar?

Glad you Brits have longer than 6 weeks left of summer!

Looking forward to Dakar 2012 and watching you! Will you have a Facebook page again this time? Or are you keeping it on this page? or your own web page.

Thank you

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