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Originally Posted by dakardood View Post
First off, DD, not having a go with what I'm putting here, your comments are totally valid.

|'ll be the first to say the climate of the UK is a "bit iffy" at the best of times, but, strange changes have come about in the last few years, we have had warm and very dry April's and Septembers here can be really good. Potentially, you can now see decent dry weather into the early part of October with a decline after that.

So, that's 10-12 weeks if we get lucky.

Jen, financially its always going to be a tough proposition, but if it feels even remotely like this could be the last crack at it, bloody well do it, "you pass this way once".

-- imagine being sat there in your 70's or 80's thinking "God, wish I'd had that second crack at it".

As you say, take it REALLY easy, aim to just finish and what a great goal if you achieve that finish.

Don't pass this (last?) one up. Go for it.
10-12 weeks is much better! I heard about your really harse winters over the past few years, glad its not all bad!

Yes I agree 'you pass this way once'

Fingers crossed for Jenny, I'm just pointing out to give the girl the best chance in the world her fitness needs to be the very best it can be.

She says she can afford it so she must do it!

I guess she has a kind Boss

Like you say GO FOR IT!

(but get fit and finish it!)

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