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The next day in 13.00 we arrived in Ancona port and happy to start our trip to our accommodation in San Fedele d’Intelvi in the lake Como distance about 520 km or 323 miles through Autostrada(Italian highway).

I meet in the ship a friend with a bmw who returns to Koln from holidays in greece…!!!
We make a few stop for fuel food toilet etc.

In about 500 km (310miles) I hear a noise from my rear wheel like “eeeeghh” only for a second….Then after a few meters and starting to climb the mountain roads from the Swiss side to San fedele the rear ball bearing (one of the 3 that Varadero have in the back wheel)past away, making a sound “crack-crack-crack” ……….

So i make 510km(316miles) and 8km(5miles) before reach my accommodation, I was in the road night(21.30) with my bike not able to move any more….!!!F**k!!!!!!

I found a small village near park in front of Carabinieri (Italian police) and I call the road assistant to come and pick the bike…!!!

After 1.30 hour around 23.00 the road assistant was in the place of my bike…!!!They took my bike and the next day I will call them to tell me where they have gone the bike (which Honda workshop)…!
00:10 we arrived by car to accommodation with all our luggage in hand.!!!!!!!!!Extremly sweaty and tired….!!!

The next day ask for a taxi to take us to the Como (city) to find and fix the problem that we have last night…!!
The distance was 28km (17mi) and the taxi price was 50 euro….!

After the taxi driver make some calls we find the Honda workshop that the bike was….
Enjoy the ride in the coast of lake Como through the taxis windows….!!!

In the Honda workshop they tell us that we have to go the bike in another workshop because there was only sell cars and bikes and don’t have a workshop for repairs or service…!!

They also call a mechanic from a workshop ,that they send their bikes, to see mine..!!!

The mechanic arrived and the bike was loaded in a van to the workshop for repair…!!

We left the bike and start to walk around Como as we are waiting the bike to get fixed…!

Very nice place…!!!Square….with old buildings…!

We have breakfast and between the italian cheeses we find greek feta cheese…!!

The coast of the Como lake…

Hydroplanes fly continuously…!

The hapiness in my face(if you start with problems your trip)…..

The only one happy was “Pablo” ….it was enjoy the water of the lake…!!!

Artistic photo…!!!

Resting in the grass of lake Como…!!!

All trying to have a tan in the grasses…!

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