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The next day new problems throw the night start raining and continues in the morning that we wake up…!!!

Ok! We stay inside no bike route for today until the rain stops….!

Let me show you the inside of the wooden cabin until the rain stops...


BUT THE RAIN DIDN’T STOPS…….It get it bigger and bigger!!!!The result was to have a massive storm that you cannot see in 10 meters…!!!Later was the END OF OUR STAYIN IN lake Como….!!!!

Look the video…!!!

Everything ,plants flowers trees look like you shoot it….!!!When the storm turns to rain agin with big concern I put my raincoat and I go to my bike to see whats the damage….!!!

In a hurry check in the rain I didn’t see nothing damaged,broken in the bike!!!Wow,I said what a lucky guy I am…!!!

In the next minutes I was with my laptop to see the weather in the internet for the lake Como….!!!
Bad luck!!!For the next 4 days cloudy in the morning, rain in the afternoon and the night…!!!

There is no way that I’m gona stay here in this place….!!!
Looking the weather more south from the place I was and the weather in the central itaky was fine and shiny….!!!

The hotel was booked for the city of Florence for the next 3 nights before go back to Greece,in the price of 270 euros….!!!

The same night pay the small wooden house(whole week),and get setting our luggage for tomorows trip of 400km(248mi) to Florence…!!

The next morning we are happy because we are leaving this place that we have so much problems….!!!
When I was put the side cases in the bike I noticed that in the topcase (a GIVI V46)the red plastic cover was broken from the falling-ice of the previous day…!!!

I was angry for my bad luck and also sad because half the days of my trip was so unlucky…..! But I was so happy that I’m leaving and heading to a romantic destination as the city of Florence!!!!

Another problem…Because of the last night storm there was a land sliding and the road was closed …..!The only way is to take a ferrie to Bellagio then the road to Como and then to Autostrada for florence…!!!

The ferrie is coming…

Here I am…

So thats all folks about Como it seems that the lake of Como doesnt like us!!!

Florence, here we come!

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