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The ship was departured at 13.30 we arrived at 12.15 …!!!

There are 3 ferries that goes from greece to italy and italy to greece…!

Because of the ecomomy crisis in greece the SUPERFAST FERRIES and the ANEK LINES became one company SUPERFAST-ANEK….!!

My tickets was booked with SUPERFAST FERIES…

But now I was returning with ANEK ship….!

Think that we are in the midle of the summer holidays and people of 2 ships(SUPERFAST-ANEK) was getting in ONE ship…!!!

The waiting to board was in the sun…!!!Late departure 1.30hour(15.00)…!!!

We booked airplane type seats when we arrive at the seats the condition was…..

The seats was diferent colors and small like a 50s bus,all the people (I don’t say nationality) put their sleeping bags between the corridor of the seats the aircontition was none…
And the answer that I hear on the radio of a crew member for the solution of the aircontition was....

Yes, thats the answer of an officer in a greek ferrie…!! I samed to be greek!!!

We stay in a lounge-bar until 22.30 and then we try to find a place to place to sleep…!!!

Until 02.00 we are wondered like 3rd class member of titanic…!!!
Finally we sleep in internal corridor of the ship for 2 hours 03.00-05.00 in that time they wake up us to vacum the corridor….!

About 06.00 the lounge-bar opened and we seat in a couch until 07.00…!!

That was the time that the ship approaches to the port of igoumenitsa…!!!
From there we make 383km(238mi) with 2 hours sleep )to our home in Polygyros!!!!

That was the worst trip I have done in my life…..!!!Everything gone bad…!!

I want to thank my wife for coming with me(and don’t take the plane back home) and say nothing(only a little) to all this situations…!!!

Thank you for reading my trip and sorry for my mistakes in english language…!!!

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