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Soooo.... My F800GS has experienced that exact same issue 3 times now, with the most recent being today. The previous 2 times the bike was hauled to the dealer and serviced under warranty. The first occurrence was diagnosed as "clogged injectors". Dealer states they cleaned the injectors and she's as good as new. From then on I've been adding seafoam or techron to the fuel at least every 3rd tank of fuel, usually more often. The 2nd time (about a week ago), same thing. It cranks and cranks and then finally starts. I take it to the dealer again b/c I have a 5 week trip I'm prepping for and I leave in just a few days. This time the dealer says there's nothing wrong. No fault codes, nothing. The bike starts and rides fine for one week. Today I go out to start her up and it just cranks and cranks but never starts. I open the gas tank and crank but nothing. It never even tries to catch. The tank is nowhere near full and I always fill up on the sidestand and never go above the bottom of the filler neck. As stated before, I use techron or seafoam religiously. Thoughts??? If it were the fuel pump, shouldn't the dealer be able to figure that out rather easily? And why would it just randomly not start and then a day later it starts fine? I'm really stressing now cuz I'm supposed to leave on my continental divide adventure in 5 days. I've been planning this trip for a year and half! ARGHHH!!!

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