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Originally Posted by Katoum
Gees Creeper, my noodle is over cooked after reading this post. Did all this info come from the top of your head, if so I'm even more impressed. If there is some good reads on the subject could you please let me know. If not I'm going to have this post framed for future reference. Thanks again.
I hate to say it, 'cause it means my head is full of even more useless information than you could imagine, but yeah it's OTH.

It's just basic theory, elaborated on a bit. I don't think I could have written it shorter without losing some fundamentals... but if I was being paid by the word...

There's probably lots of stuff on the net... just have to look for it, then sort out the crap from the academic. I've been working with this shit since the first carb style on the list was the only carb style there was.
So... how's tricks?
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