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DRZ400 Safari & Across Australia build

Sometimes you get an idea in your head that just won't let go.

For years my dumb idea was to compete in the Australian Safari (by the time I actually got to do it in 2009, it was renamed the Australasian Safari)

Anyway, at the completion of the 2009 Safari my wife said to me..."Ok. You've done FINKE, the 24 Hour Reliability Trial, and the Australasian Safari..... What's next?"

I had to think about it for a while, but the decision has been made. COAST TO COAST, UNSUPPORTED.

In this forum I will outline what I've done to the DRZ since I brought it home like this:

Via This:

To This:

At this point I would like to refer to a few links that I regularly pondered in the later parts of this build.

INDEX.......... NEW ADDITION: September 2012:

Page 1: Introduction. First mods: Remove junk. 17lt Safari tank Proposed trip. Brief fairing discussion
Page 2: Logistics of trip. Motor mods.
Page 3: Canning discussion Fuel ratings 24 Hour Reliability Trial
Page 4: Fairing Fuel consumption Suspension Back in the early days. Bike protection. Header/muffler
Page 5: Jim, Doc, Kipo Incoming Question: How many K’s out of a DRZ?
Page 6 Interesting weekend. RR with Wild0 Back in the early days again. Triple clamps, bars, light.
Page 7 Finke discussion How many riders? InertiaDRZ400 offer Header pics
Page 8 Nav tower/fairing build Fairing build for 17lt tank Highway pegs
Page 9 Gearing Seat Concepts Fuel capacity Luggage set-up HID woes Fairing production?? 28lt tank fairing cut-down

Page 10 Tyre discussion (brief) Plans to get fairing mold made Tentative ride dates
Page 11 24 Hour Reliability Trial 2012 discussion Handguards/ Moose Weathershields SPOT Connect arrival MITAS E-09 Dakar tyres ordered ‘Spare Safari bike’ back in the shed to help with fairing mods
Page 12 January 2012: Bike dropped off for fairing modifications SPOT Connect Mitas E-09 Dakar tyres MAPS/Choices -Steep Point to Alice Springs

Page 13 West to East/ East to West discussion Timing of the ride? Still waiting on the fairing.
Page 14 A spanner in the works (planning_) Some slight progress on the fairing New shock set up for ADV weight. Loaded bike Shakedown ride. Ride report- To Mildura on a wet night.
Page 15 Mildura run RR with photos. Safari tank questions RIDE POSTPONED Fairing- slow progress Seat Concepts update
Page 16 Salt lakes riding Fairing Wild-0, mud lovin fool & Gadget678- Sunset Desert Ride
Page 17 Seat Concepts Interesting- Taking the Nav tower off. (5 bolts, 4 wires) Mention of 59Den’s loaded up DRZ Compression down? Noisy big end?
Page 18 Discussions with 59Den PULL IT’S HEART OUT General rebuild info.
Page 19 Running again Trying to co-ordinate a ride
Page 20 Farmers 6 Hour Enduro Working on the new panniers
Page 21 Android phone- copy & paste images Working on the new panniers
Page 22 Pannier discussions- Why hard? Hijack- bike colors. Fairing deadline given.
Page 23 Color discussion continues. Suspension & seat suggestions. Progress-fairing mold has been made.
Page 24 Fairing mold ready Lights Mtbbker- Could've cheated
Page 25 1st Casting of fairing Lights discussion- DOT relevance
Page 26 Lights still Polisport fitted to fairing
Page 27 Fairing in position Mounting possibilities Dash
Page 28 Fairing brackets Change in fairing design. Pannier rack.
Page 29 Racks, Panniers, Fairing & the Kitchen sink.
Page30 Rack changes Fairing:- 2 steps forward, one step back (or is it two back, one forward?)

Have you ever noticed that when you're out on the bike, nothing else matters?

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