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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Hey Aaron, I think if I could bend a part as easy as cut them it would be a whole lot better, I made 4 blanks, screwed the first up with too tight a radius and cracked the bend, 2nd came out good, 3rd and 4th were to be mirror image of the good one. Do you have any idea how frustrating and tough it is to try and get them to match. I gave up before throwing a temper tantrum.
This is what they should have looked like, the blanks weighed in at just over 1/2lb ea.

Duke, good chance I'll make it, it'd be good to see you again. Show support for Eric and see the new shop more and it would also be great to meet Ned and pick his brain.
I totally understand, I did some tin knocking in a past life Looking good man!

*edit* I wonder if you could have some flat stock waterjet cut and mark the bend points with little dots and find a good strong press. Just a thought.
Just say'IN
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