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If memory serves (and that is questionable) it seems as thought the old 350 twin TT pipes fit any frame. I threw that question out in the previous post cuz you never know who may have a source. I'm still in for having some pipes made and have already talked to my buddy that works at Laser Cutting Service in Tualatin, about making several sets of the header flanges so we can eliminate those god awful heavy factory things and have also been pondering how to either use or not use the original clamp technology to hold the pipe in the head. We will have to iron out those questions when we go to build the pipes.

Everyone take care and have a great weekend, headed to Alsea Bay for crabbing trip.

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TT exhaust.

Rick, if you find a proper source, let me know. I have done exhaustive (pun intended) searching and although there is stuff available for the CB/CL, like here The late SL's have the twin downtube frame and it is uncertain if many of these aftermarket ones will fit.

I almost bought a pair of these

but was uncertain if the 360 flange was the same as the 350 motor...and whether they would clear the frame due to their design.

This is why I suggested we find someone local to make pipes for us. This is also why I have been hoarding SL exhaust pipes, because they are rarer then hens teeth. I still want to find someone willing to make a 2 into 1 coming off the right side..this fixes the issue with drive chain contact with the pipe, and will be good when I dirt track the sucker

I hope you do find something that works..heck, for $119 bucks, those 360 TT pipes might be worth trying...I could always buy them from you for my CL350...if they don't fit and would fit the CL head.
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