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Can those sharing that experience be more specific? How is it superior to the TKC off road? Specifically on a GS/GSA.
IMO, off-road the TKC is only good in dry gravel or solid soil. The momnt you get something loose like sand it becomes so so. Take it in the mud and you have a slick to deal with.... The MITAS is more like a proper dirt tire waith lots of space between the knobs. This help a lot in wet/loose conditions. It doesn't pack up as easily. Second, the side knobs are way more aggressive and provide way better cornering and confidence. In the gravel or "easy" conditions it's on par with the TKC but a tourance would do in these conditions too.

Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
Having asked that, the lack of the correct size for the rear of my GSA is still a show-stopper for '07 needs lower not taller gearing [for slow off road] and as much foot print as I can get..
I have a 94 11GS so the gearing is not an issue but I'm not with you on the larger footprint; wide tires generally suck off-road except maby on Moab type rock. The smaller width help the tire to dig it's path and get traction. Have a close look at snow or ice tires and you'll see that they are less wide than the asphalt ones. This is when riding somewhat aggressivelly tho. If just moving slowly, I agree that a de-flated fat tire might do but it's not the way I ride so I can't comment on that.

What I can say is that I've had many sets of Contis and, after trying the Mitas, I am not looking back. It was too frustrating like having the feeling that I was on a road bike all the time. 10 minutes with the Mitas and I was on a dirt bike again.

Never notice the smaller width off-road. My 0.02
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