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Laugh New F800gs Power Controller coming soon for a US supplier!....

Go here... for the web site...

Do you suffer from STS - Snatchy Throttle Syndrome - the jerky throttle on your BMW? Here is the Fix

Whats the problem? Our bikes run very lean! -
Why is that? because of emissions tuning...
Whats the fix? give the engine a little more gas...
How I do it? Tell the ECU the air temperature is lower than is actually is this makes the ECU give the bike a tiny bit more fuel.

This smooths out the throttle response for the F800GS F650GS (and all BMW fuel injected bikes) and gives the bike more HP.

It has a 2 position switch....
one position to use for 85 deg F and below ( -36 deg F temperature shift) and
another position to use when the air temp is 85 deg F and above (-18 degree F air temperature shift).

The 2 position switch can be mounted where ever the user prefers.
================================================== ===================

This is basically the same general idea as the Accelerator module and the Booster Plug sold overseas but a with a more refined fuel enrichment control when the temperature rises.

The idea of the switch : The rider may take off in the mountain mornings at 40 deg f and it may be 90 deg F later at noon riding in the desert. A -36 deg F offset to the ECU (the way the Accelerator plug works) is not need when the air temperature gets hot. Only a -18 deg F offset to the ECU is needed when the air temperature is above 85 deg f. Better control for a more precise enrichment.

The switch was a request from riders in some of the development discussions.

Good question to go over again.....

Blue position- this setting it tells the ECU that the air temperature is 36 deg F cooler than it is. The ECU enriches the fuel (on increase throttle movement and decrease throttle movement only)

Red position- this setting it tells the ECU that the air temperature is 18 deg F cooler than it is. The ECU enriches the fuel (on throttle movement only)
Less enrichment is needed when air temperature is above 85 deg F.

Steady state throttle- the O2 sensor controls enrichment!


Cost: $85 plus $5 to ship

WAL-MART guarantee - if you are not happy with the performance of the Power Controller please return for 100% refund!!!!

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Step one.....

Step 2.....

Step 3....

Step 4 ....

Use sticky to stick down a base and tyrap the sensor to the "stick base"

this is where i have my switch....

operations: the "red paint" on the switch is for -10 offset (above 85 deg F) away from the red paint or blue is for -20 deg c) when temperature is below 85 deg F.)

any question PLEASE send me a PM!!!!!! I check a few times a day!!!
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