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Didn't think SW La. was part of the US, don't you have a special passport that says "when traveling in foreign countries and can not commuincate with the local ladies, try communicating in braille"?

Greetings from another Coonass. Have 2011 F800Gs that I just bought and the leaness and fueling setup is dodo. Shifitng at anything under 4,000rpm and cracking the throttle brought on - nothing - a dead zone that, if you kept the throttle cracked, the poor thing would eventually get with the program. Just came off a well sorted and farkeled R1200GS which is a transition I know, but this just isn't right. Reminds me of my 2000 RT and the surging issues, that BMW refused to acknowledge and that I threw handfulls of moneyh at and finally got it rideable. Who ever said lean was green????????? Mo green for the inventors like youself, who I will support whole heartedly. Make it happen, Captain CoonAss, I'll be standing in line.

In the mean time, got me one of the "foreign" devices and it helped. Let me clarify: in Houston at 97 degrees it helped some. Didn't get rid of the devile but filed it's horns some.

Just rode this am in the Hill Country with a start out temp of 77, it was mucho moy better. As the day went on, things heated up and got back to camp with sub 90 temps - more city riding, same basic help as in Houston with those temps. .

That being said, a dual range device would be a step up from what I have. Need any back to back comparisons or field trials let me know.

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