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Originally Posted by anonny View Post
I'd give ya 10 for Karma but BP is going to score big with me for ending up with the R5.

You shoulda showed your GF a pic of a creamsickle and white stock R5, this is going to haunt you.

I think it might.
The RD has is in slightly better shape,
and I liked the history that came with it,
but it seems substantially larger/heavier than the r5.
Which isn't really an issue, since it'll go through mucho changes.
After I get it running, lightening it will be one of my first priorities.

I'm anticipating feeling a bit guilty with what I imagine the future holds for the RD.
The R5 is in such a shape, that anything would be an improvement.

Then again, just about every old bike I've owned was from 70-72,
so I'm looking forward to working on something a little younger.
I hardly know a damn thing about disc brakes.

I was completely torn.
So I did exactly what I do when I can't make a decision,
get the girlfriend to tell me what to do

I told myself I was not going to rush this thing.
But I'm jonesing to get it started.
Christ, the tires aren't even dry rotted!
I guess my big question is:
Should I pull the top end and investigate, or are 2 strokes allowed to seize and unseize without much drama?
The PO said it had a seizure in '99 and he put it away. However, the engine turns...


Does anybody have pdf manuals for these things?


Why does the RD seem so much heftier?
Were there frame changes or something? I could be way off, but it feels like a 50lbs difference between the two.
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