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Hatcher Pass by Bike

We pulled in that evening and tried to find a spot to camp. I think there may have been a sign saying something about no trailers, or maybe it was just an overall length, but either way they didnít want the big campers up there. I figured I would be fine as we cruised up from the Palmer side. After getting over the top, we started back down and still couldnít find anything decent for a pull-off so we turned around and went back down and settled for the little paved parking lot they made you pay to Ďcampí at. It was what it was so we went to bed and went for a little ride the next day.

It was a nice easy ride, paved a good portion of the way up then turning into a slightly rough and potholed graded dirt road. I love mountain passes (obviously, that is kind of a dumb statement) but there was something different about this one. It did have nice tight corners though, meeting my 15 mph classification; or maybe it was 10 mph? Oh well.

It wasnít like it is here in Colorado. I think it was the only bonafied mountain pass I hit on the bike in Alaska, sure, there is the one on the Denali Highway, but that is puny, and I didnít actually ride Thompson Pass, but that is paved; but this one was different. Really, not anything particularly spectacular, like Imogene or Engineer here in CO, for riding other than it is not paved, no, but on the other hand its beauty was absolutely mind blowing beyond compare.

We made it most of the way out, at least to where it looked like we were about to get into houses and the road was just going to continue on straight. I pulled over and we took a little break and discussed our options. Looping around was not one, so we obviously turned around and did it again back the other way. But, we did need to figure out what we wanted to do for Tinaís last night in Alaska. That time at least.

Tina grew up in the restaurant business. Her love for food and culinary taste was on a level way beyond mine at first, when we started dating four years ago. For me, food is just something I need, like air and water, interrupting me from getting done what I need to get done. For her, food is life, it brings together the family, and it is the centerpiece of the most important part of the day. One thing that she really loves is Snow Crab, I had maybe had it once before I met her, but it is her favorite. Much juicier and flavorful than the King Crab she says. So back to Phyllisís it was, after a short stop at the truck.

I have to admit it was a bit further into Anchorage than I had remembered, but it didnít matter. We cruised the bike in and had a feast.
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