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Day 3

The dull glow of the morning woke me and I wasted no time breaking down camp. I knew this would be the first day to see real mountains and get over 10k feet. The ride towards Colorado is long but I soon found a familiar sight. Readers of my report from last year will recognize this as the same restaurant Chris and I stopped at for breakfast.

I saw two ADV bikes outside and went inside to chat. The two riders had finished their meal and and I learned they had completed a week (or two?) long trip with friends in the same region I was about to explore. They looked weather-beaten and jaded… reluctant to return to civilization and glad to be safe. I watched from my plate of eggs and bacon as they strapped on gear, said goodbyes and roared off in different directions. I wonder if that is how I appeared in the final days of my trip…

Weaving through the hills I let my thoughts run wildly until I couldn’t take it anymore. Time for some music to distract myself… I almost blew right by the welcome sign!

Making my way into Colorado I knew the first off-shoot trail I had scheduled was a medium difficulty out and back trail called “Devil Mountain”. I figured it would be a good start to the trip and at the least I could tell impressive stories about running Devil Mountain around the campfire.

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