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Originally Posted by Fasttrak View Post
I would highly suggest avoiding that area between the two locked gates on Summit Rd. I live in Morgan Hill just off Watsonville and go near there quite often, never make the trek across but even being in that area on my TE610 gets me scorn and words from the four house owners near that gate. The folks are pretty fanatical in that area and could only see trouble from them, just not worth the effort, especially if some one was drunk or pissed off already.

Kind of sad how the area has a couple thousand acres soley for equestrians, one of the smallest groups of ownership as compared to motorcyclists, and almost nothing for dirt bikes. Metcalf is completely pointless unless it is for a newbie out getting some safe time on short trail systems. Hollister Hills is ok if you had never been to Clear Creek but I find it boring as hell and hate paying money to go in and it is usually way too congested for my liking. I am about to move into something more street oriented as the distance to get to any legal dirt is just asinine, at leat two hours and that would be Clear Creek. The last couple treks out to Clear Creek were enjoyable, just always feel like the trails that are clearly marked as open may not be and a nasty federal ticket is looming. Wish they would just open that area up as the San Benito economy is in dire need of the cash


I read your post and thought i had written it. I couldn't agree more. Picked up a BMW F800GS to go do Adventure type rides. At least I can ride in Northern Cal. Sometimes I still have to haul the bike to get the hell out of the bay area (TMP). California, the land where fun use to be had!!!

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