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Originally Posted by vuganeja View Post
Anyone have directions to ride Old hernandez road near clear creek? Entry and exit points on a google map perhaps?
I tried gloria/old gloria road off Hwy 25, but its more challenging due to the packed dirt with an inch or so of loose soft soil on it.

If you have Mapsource I would highly suggest pulling that up and making some tracks in that area, as fun as it is to head out there the amount of actual dirt riding is pretty tame and limited. Clear Creek still has the most actual dirt roads and right now they are pretty fun and a decent workout at speed. From memory La Gloria is about 15 miles South of Panoche Rd on the Western side of Hwy 25, it heads out to Gonzales off the 101 and is about 17 mile run, not all dirt. Old Hernandez is about eight miles down the road from La Gloria and it heads off to the East side of Hwy 25, stay on this for about 28 miles and Clear Creek heads off East from Old Hernandez\Coalinga Rd. Be very careful crossing that fallen concrete bridge heading into Clear Creek cause it is damn snotty right now and almost did a tank slapper into a high side just crossing 25 feet. Was a good wake up prior to hitting some dirt trails in Clear Creek. I really need a bigger tank as I am kind of limited at the moment to about 150 mile range and would really love to get that up to about 250 miles to do more exploring around Clear Creek. Man do I miss that place for weekend camps and riding..

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I read your post and thought i had written it. I couldn't agree more. Picked up a BMW F800GS to go do Adventure type rides. At least I can ride in Northern Cal. Sometimes I still have to haul the bike to get the hell out of the bay area (TMP). California, the land where fun use to be had!!!


I am seriously considering upgrading to the new Triumph 800 xc, it would allow me further range all they way out to SLO and the Sierra foothills. Slabbing on the TE is just not my cup of tea. I have spent the last year mapping pretty much all around Watsonville to Aptos and this side of the hill from San Jose to Clear Creek and there just isn't much legal dirt for us anymore. In the next few weeks I plan on hitting the coastal range around Jolon and Hunter Ligget, praying for something juicey and grin inspiring. Will post back if I find anything worthwhile.

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