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The bike doesn't seem to be my problem at the moment...

In the past week I've put some good miles on the freshly rebuilt 450 and the bike seems to be working great. The suspension is excellent, the fresh top end is snappy and the new battery is super light and works great.

The problem this AM was the man holding on to the bars (or trying to hold on). Driving out to my not-so-secret loop at 5 AM I tried desperately to stretch out my right palm that seems to be giving me more and more trouble. Somewhere deep in the palm the nerve is getting pinched when I grip the throttle causing the pointer and middle fingers to fall readily to sleep, leaving me quickly in the precarious situation of little grip, whiskey throttle and trying to use mind control, typically left for bending spoons, to get my finger away from the bar to grab the brake.

My mind control skills need a lot of help.

The hand problems this AM coupled with some type of untypical lethargy left me loading up the bike at the end of the session more mellow than usual. I was well off my game during the loops and was daydreaming far to much as I was trying to figure out what was going on with my hand.

I'm going to try a thicker grip to see if that helps. Taking my hand off of the bar immeditaely gets the feeling starting to come back, but of course that is usually not the fastest technique through most sections.

I have a few weeks to make some progress on this before V2R.

On a more positive note, I spent some time this weekend up in the mountains hiking and hanging with my family. Below is my son the bug nut and his bug catcher/viewer. Behind him is one of the many peaks of the Wastach mountains and a snow patch just big enough to make a couple of turns if someone so desired.
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