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Originally Posted by rhino_adv View Post
Suruppak, the Cowden bridge is one of the bridges on my list for next week. Thanks for the info on the Ridge Cemetery. I enjoy searching old cemeterys looking for old grave stones.

Here is a Google Map of the location of the 8 bridges I wish to visit. Im not sure there will be enough time to stop at them all in one day, as its a 2.5 hour ride each way. If I have to return later to finish them all, I'll let you know.

The bridges that you have labled Becks Creek O-PT2 and C-PT3 are both closed and impassable, however the one labled Becks Creek O-PT1 is crossable on a bike but has some floated boards from high water. I suspect that it will be closed soon. I crossed O-PT2 just last fall, but found it closed and stripped a few weeks ago.
If you need a riding partner PM me! I love riding in that area.
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