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Couple of housekeeping things, my next post will be the start of the bike build.

1) Good news! The formal "you're in" email came, so that's off the list of things to think about. I was pretty sure, or else I wouldn't have announced, but it's nice to have the official confirmation.

2) I figured out how to make shipping free on Race supporter and Sponsor packages (yes, I'm not real smart at computers). Anyone who has already ordered and would like a refund on shipping, just shoot me an email to dakar at neduro dot com. New race/ sponsor orders won't have shipping charges.

3) Strangely, the foot doesn't actually hurt (unless I try to put weight on it) nor is it particularly swollen. Ankle is 100%, as are toes... there's just a broken bone in between. I take that as a good sign... but crutches SUCK. Never had them before, anxious to be rid of them.
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