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Rear Brakes

At long last, some quality time in the shop! Tonite's goal was to put the new rear brake shoes on, extend the rear brake arm and put the 15 tooth countershaft sprocket on.

First a side view of the brake set up, note the lengthened swing arm (originally lengthened exactly one inch) with stock brake arm and how it causes the brake panel to rotate backwards when the shocks are fully extended, throwing the cable in a bind. Combine that with the worn out rear shoes and the rear brakes were almost worthless.

Next is a view of the stock brake arm, along with the aluminum flat stock used to make the new longer arm.

From eye to eye measured 14.5 inches, but I decided to make the new arm 15.75 inches eye to eye to ensure the cable did not bind when the suspension was fully extended (imagine you come off a jump and the rear wheel binds, which could pitch the nose down, something I did experience in the last race!)

Next is a picture of the new shoes mounted on the backing plate. I used my new digital calipers to measure the shoe thickness and although they only appeared to be .010" thicker than the old shoes, I had to back the adjuster way off to get them into the drum, a good sign. Note; the picture is deceiving, they really are the same size shoes!! In this picture you can also see how far down the adjuster had been tightened in a vain attempt to get the worn rear shoes to work. After installing the new shoes, this adjustment was backed off almost 1 inch.

Last picture is with the rear wheel back on and the new longer brake arm in place.

With the rear brakes completed, I pulled the countershaft cover and swapped the 16 tooth countershaft sprocket for the 15 tooth off the donor bike. This will help keep the rpm's up and allow a little tighter spread thru the gearbox. Still lots to do and counting the days until the new rear springs arrive.
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