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Originally Posted by slammer218 View Post
Got my part on Monday , installed on Tuesday, first ride on Wednesday. The bike now starts much easier then before, seems like it iwaiting to run. rode it around the property for a few miles just to make sure it worked, did not want to push it. It worried me at first, when it tested it before install it only pumped 5 times. I tryed it again and the same thing but it was working, Now for the real test this weekend. A long needed camping trip and some dirt fun.
2 things stop the pump from plopping:
- the ECU of the lc8 switches it of after 3-5 seconds when the engine is not running
- when the fuelpressure is enough (carb is full) the pump isn't 'loosing' the fuel any more and slows down pumping to the very minimum (less then 1x per second)

If you test it with a clip-on fuel-line, line the SMT has, it only plops 2-3x.

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