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Getting some firewood was fun. I had a couple straps with me and my single bundle maxed out the length of the straps. I know the host must have chuckled as he collected my firewood bundle "this guy will never get all this on that bike!". I made it back to my hill without incident

This was a true mountain lake... I was camping at 10,500 feet! The sunset here is drawn out for at least two hours because the sun dips under the mountains and then finally the horizon. The fish were going CRAZY on the lake! I was kicking myself that I didn't bring a pole... A few fishermen around the lake were catching them hand over fist!

Later that night I had a raging fire going, I burned the entire bundle in a few hours... it got really cold towards midnight. Just before the last of the light dissipated I brought out the tripod and get a few fire pictures

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