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Originally Posted by frog View Post
Usually hand problems come from vibration or the wrong bar position. You can try filling the bars up with sand or fastway makes some vibration reducers you stick in your bars. I would also try moving the bars and looking at the sweep of them.
Once when I was miserable from handlebar vibration on a trip I stopped by a Walmart and bought some bbs, having read that they help reduce vibrations. I bought a bunch of them, but quickly found out those bars filled up much quicker than I imagined. I filled them 80% full and taped quarters on the ends of the bars to hold them in, until I was back home and could do a better job. I don't know how bbs compare to barsnake, sand or other materials, but I was shocked at the difference it made.

Back at home I eventually got around to re-doing the bbs (when I was putting on brush guards). I completely filled up the bars with bbs but found that it didn't work as well so I went back down to 80% full.

I put some foam covers on my handlebars a while later. I wasn't complaining about vibrations anymore, but I have big hands and they get fatigued quickly on small grips when I am wrestling my heavy bike through rough terrain.

The foam covers wrap around my grips and simply sticks to itself with velcro. I was nervous that it would slip since nothing is adhering it to the actual grips but I decided to give it a try. (I haven't raced with them, but I'm a big fat guy wrestling with a heavy KLR in very rough terrain, so if those foam grips would slip or fail you'd think I'd be the one to pull them off.)

Amazingly they never slipped at all. It's hard to get the other guys in my riding group to consider trying them because they have the same concern, but when I ride with them I have complete confidence.
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