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AWESOME Is all I can say.... I have also been to Crater Lake and agree on the beauty of it.....

Originally Posted by jglow View Post
Cascade Locks, OR to Prospect, OR

Day 28 - June 27, 2010
Mileage Today: 355
Total Trip Mileage: 7,807

Sunny from the start this morning. That has not happened in quite sometime. We had a pressing matter to attend to this morning.
The problem: When we arrived in Bellingham, WA off of the ferry there were no “Washington” signs, and as you may have noticed, we like to take our picture in front of those signs. We do have a contingency plan in place to deal with such an event: take the picture of the sign when you leave the state. There were 2 problems with this.

1. We were on I-205 with no good place to stop.

2. When states are bordered by rivers, they tend to put the signs on the middle of the bridge that crosses that river. Again, no good place to stop.

The solution: Well, as luck would have it, we camped on the Columbia River last night, and that just so happens to be the border between Washington and Oregon. There was a bridge back across to Washington that we had spotted the previous night while out looking for some dinner.

It was called "The bridge of the gods" and it cost a buck to get across.

Every time I see a bridge like this (or any metal structure for that matter), with all it's million rivets, bolts, straps, I-beams, etc... I cannot help but think how much it would suck to have to paint it .

We crossed the bridge, and found our "Washington" sign, but they were not gonna make it that easy. The sign was in the worst possible location, to where we had to park on a non-existent shoulder off of a blind curve - I sure hope the photo album appreciates the effort we are putting into this. And since I am such a loving and caring husband who would obviously never put his wife in harms way
- I allow her to be on the protected side of the guard rail.

We stay on the Washington side of the river as we follow the road back West towards Portland.

We picked up I-5 for a bit in Portland, and headed South until we could turn off onto a smaller Hwy. Very nice scenery off of the smaller Hwy.

We were starting to get closer to our target, Crater Lake.

And we started to climb.

Still tons of snow...

We reached the top, and got our fist view of Crater Lake.

*Disclaimer - Non of these photos are photo shopped. This is the color of the lake naturally.

It is probably the most intense blue I have ever seen in my life

And our trusty steed that has wanted for nothing (except maybe a new chain, which I still had not dealt with).

A few more shots as we rode around.

We ate up a good part of the day here, but it wasn't quite late enough to stop for the day, so we pushed on.

Action Shots:

We rode on for a few hours

And found camp at a State Park, and set-up.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the Pacific Coast. We aim to take the less traveled scenic route, and are not disappointed.

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