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Tonite I decided to get the carbs changed. The CV carbs that I borrowed from OC worked well but seemed a little boggy coming out of the corners, so wanted to give the stock slide carbs a try. Their smaller size may cost a little power on the top end but should more than make up for that with their quicker response. We shall see!

Pulled the CV's, cleaned up the slide carbs from the donor bike, pulled the bowls, gave everything a quick check and then bolted on the smaller manifolds (bonus, they are in much better condition than the CV manifolds) and slipped on the smaller carbs.

These carbs also came with an aftermarket quick throttle and at first I thought that might be a good idea, but the throttle turns so hard I might have to go back to the stock slow turn throttle or maybe find some lighter slide return springs.

Also finally got around to changing the engine oil and putting in the synthetic. Next up; putting the electrical system back together. Two weeks to go, starting to feel that time crunch again!
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