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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
why all the carnage? road looks typical of many TLH sections and should be easy on that bike with the TKCs. the TLH is in much better shape than most of the big gravel roads across the north. wrecked less than 150 miles into the gravel, reminds me of markbvt's friend who also wrecked on the first day riding the same bike, but coming from the other direction.
Yeah, at first I didn't notice that this crew was going in the opposite direction, just that both crashes seemed to occur about the same distance into the gravel, and I started to wonder if there's an F800GS-eating hole in the road.

Funny thing about the TLH -- it's always unpredictable. I had an awesomely fun ride on it pretty much the whole way on my XR650L with TKC-80s, and a fairly white-knuckle ride on my Wee-Strom with TKC-80s, but didn't crash either time. My friend on an F800GS with TKCs crashed a short distance in (we all suspected fork overcompression -- instead of riding through a mud hole, his front end augured in and sent him over the handlebars). Wes Siler from Hell for Leather crashed his F800GS on the Trans-Lab. And now this guy above... maybe the TLH just doesn't like F800GSes.

The most important thing to remember about the TLH is to never let your attention wander. You have to be focused on your riding at all times and keep your eyes well ahead to pick your line. And if you don't already know how to read the road surface ahead, you will quickly learn.

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