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Hatcher Pass by Foot

Ok, I mentioned it was Tina’s Last day. She had issues registering for classes and her dad also needed help in the restaurant, so she decided the best thing to do was to fly back and take care of some business. That left with one last day together before I had to drop her off at the airport. She wanted to go hiking, so that is what we did.

I like climbing to the tops of mountains, not sure exactly why but that is my preferred type of hiking. My favorite thing is looking out over the valleys and watching the horizon roll on forever in all directions, so that was our plan. To find somewhere we can hike to the top of a mountain.

Naturally, we drove to the top of the pass. For some reason we decided to take the truck and not just the bike. Probably because we would have had to pay for another day of “camping” in the parking lot if we left the truck. But, when we got up there, we noticed they wanted you to pay to park at the top too. Again, not something I like doing if I don’t have to. So I turned around and found a spot to park just before the first sign designating the paid parking area. And, it just so happened that there was a steep path up the mountain directly in front of where we parked, perfect.

It also just so happened that my old man called me the night before while we were at dinner and they just so happened to be arriving in Tok, I told him our plan and they planned to come meet us.

Tina and I climbed up to the top in somewhat of a melancholy mood but determined to make the best of the last day of her Alaska trip, her first trip at least. The melancholy mood quickly melted away though, it is easy to see why.

We ate lunch while intermingling with the clouds, watched the rat dog run around while thinking a hobbit should pop out at any time. But, finally we decided to turn around. The trail kept going and dropped back down to the visitor’s center, historical sight, or whatever that tourist trap was at the start of the road, so we turned around and headed back down for the truck figuring the parents should be there by now.

By the time we got back down, they had looked around the pass a little bit and were parked next to us relaxing in their van after their long push from Denver, after a quick stop in Phoenix on the way up. My parents and I discussed our options and decided to meet on the Crow Creek road out of Girdwood that night, we had a day or two to kill before the little sis flew in. We hung out for a bit with them and then headed to the airport so Tina could catch her flight.
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