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1200GS Fuel Pump Flange Crack

2008 R1200GS, 23000 miles. Phoenix AZ

I smelled a slight whiff of gas for a while, always as I removed the cover before riding home from work. Since I put the cover on in the morning after I get to work I figured it was just residual fuel vapors wafting out of the muffler or airbox and being trapped under the cover. Never smelled it any other time until today.

Today on the ride home there was a faint smell of gas. Like you, whenever I smell something unusual on he road I look around and always find a decrepit old vehicle to assign blame, then happily continue on my way. Not this time. No clunkers in sight.

After dinner I pulled the side tank cover and peered in with a flashlight and discovered that the threaded flange securing one of the fuel lines to the top of the pump is cracked. Excuse the poor lighting in the photo, but one can see several cracks around the circumference of the flange ring. roughly 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 o'clock. There are others visible from the opposite direction so it seems like there is one every 60 degrees or so.

Is this a common problem? I searched Gspot and found a couple of similar complaints.

MaxBMW shows the pump flange to be a $308 piece of plastic.

Best thing is my warranty expired about 3 weeks ago. I'm going to be on my best behavior during my visit to the dealer tomorrow in hopes that I'll be shown some mercy.

Worst case I'll buy the flange. Anyone else had to replace it and can share some tips?


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