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Originally Posted by SamM View Post
Thanks Krasniewski! I hope you don't think that I was criticizing your bike in any way. There are many ways to get the same result. You've got a KLRE now and that's cool! What do you plan to use it for? Touring? Dualsporting and commuting?


It's all good!

I don't really have a car to use on a daily basis - so this bike will probably serve as a commuter / DS fun weekend bike. I have a K12S that I'll probably keep as a long distance bike, and a Ninja 250 that has been superb, but I'll probably part with as it's just not as beloved as either of others.

Found just a couple of pics from the build - I wish I had more from the early stages, but it looks like those are gone and lost forever.

***EDIT*** More pics found 8/10/2012!!! See page 6!

Frame - Initially I wanted to use the factory downtube, I bent it forward halfway, but it wasn't enough room. Limited resources and knowledge here, so I cut out a section of the factory 650R frame (above) to use.

Motor in Frame:

Factory Ninja Tank with fuel pump fitting cut out:

Old propane tank brazed to factory fuel pump fitting:

Motor has to be offset for sprocket alignment:

A few more can be found here:

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