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Originally Posted by Englishmatt View Post
I serviced the bikes before we left, and have serviced them since new (mine and my brothers bike, not the RT).

I only use the specified AGL5 75-90 Oil and I only use 180ml of Oil. The FD oil is replaced every 6K....because I get bored and it's so easy to change so why not. In addition I change it frequently because I am so damn paranoid about a.) looking at the oil to detect early bearing failure (small metal flakes) and b.) I've been wrenching on my own stuff for years and don't trust any dealer to do the job as thorougly as I do.

With the 6 o'clock drain plug, there is no reason to ignore the FD oil.

I used to be a Motorcycle Messenger in London, have done hundreds of thousands of miles on Shafty bikes (CX500 and VT500) so am a plenty a capable mechanic. I've never had an issue with the honda shafts...

I agree on the early thoughts though....screams of not enough oil, or too much oil with too much pressure...but I can assure you it's not the case with these bikes.

I'll update the post as I know more from the dealer and BMW Motorrad.

Ok, fair enough. Let's stipulate that it was not a service-related problem.

What about some kind of event that both bikes experienced together? Not sure what that might be. Water crossing early in the trip? Don't these drives have a vent that might let water in? I'm just guessing here.

Oddly enough, on a trip some years ago when I was still touring on a GSXR1100, both I and one of the other guys on the trip suffered failed ignition switches. It was bizarre.
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