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Originally Posted by Englishmatt View Post
In our small group of GSA and RT riders (7 riders)....five (5) bikes (4 GS/A's and 1 RT) have had FD issues...
first stop posting crap like this.

final drive 'issues'. It's a goddamn wheel bearing, they wear out. You wouldn't say your KTM had wheel bearing 'issues' because you replaced worn wheel bearings after a significant number of miles, would you? Seals need replaced, bearings wear. Don't cloud the waters with that hogshyte when a failure means a failure. Too many times we've heard of FD 'failures' which consisted of rear wheel play or a leaky seal.

As for you lot, both your bikes had far too few miles to expect a failure, to be sure.

tell us more about your failures? How did you know and what did they look like once taken apart?
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