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I am assuming that by "FD failure" we are speaking of FD wheel bearing failure. It helps if the FD failure is better described. I agree with Bobby that too many "FD failure posts" are lacking sufficient background to be meaningful. Drives which have been contaminated with water or used in very dusty conditions w/o the benefit of extra oil changes are rider failure, not FD failure. If your FD bearing failed at >50k , then that is maintenance, not failure or poor design.

Also, not all trail dust is the same. In certain areas the geology is such that the dust is extremely abrasive. Fin grit enters FD though the vent. Operation on such trails might call for changing out the FD oil as soon as you leave the trail. Simple, easy preventive maintenance following severe duty use. Degradation of the balls and race can be caught early before the cage disintegrates and damages the drive.

Anecdotal: In 11xx I have seen very early wheel bearing and gear box bearing failure shortly after Mobile 1 75w90 syn GL 5 was installed. (I have complete confidence in Mo 1 engine oils). Others have reported similar experience with this product. Other anecdotal: Similar ball bearing failure does not seem to occur where other brands of full syn GL5 were used. OP, can you tell us what brand of gear oil oil was installed just prior to departure?

Yes, improper assembly (shimming) at the factory was a known issue with certain 11xx FD's. So lets treat that separately.

I now believe, but have no scientific data, that certain syn GL 5 brands may be the cause of at least some of these FD big ball bearing failures as well as M97 , M94 gear box bearing failures.

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first stop posting crap like this.

final drive 'issues'. It's a goddamn wheel bearing, they wear out. You wouldn't say your KTM had wheel bearing 'issues' because you replaced worn wheel bearings after a significant number of miles, would you? Seals need replaced, bearings wear. Don't cloud the waters with that hogshyte when a failure means a failure. Too many times we've heard of FD 'failures' which consisted of rear wheel play or a leaky seal.

As for you lot, both your bikes had far too few miles to expect a failure, to be sure.

tell us more about your failures? How did you know and what did they look like once taken apart?

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I don't have a 1200 - yet, would plan to in the future but one glaring thing holds me back, that is that the 1200 FD is essentially NON rebuildable, bmw have no procedure for it, it's a matter of a new unit, ok if under warranty, what about for the rest of the bike's life? I've been saying for years that if the bike went back to a commonsense double sided swingarm we would not be having this conversation, single sided swingarm was a blatant case of style over substance imo.
If this is true, that 1200 FD is "not rebuild able" (serviceable) then I also could not justify 1200 purchase because I expect my mc to last decades

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Sorry to hear about that
I had on my 06 GSA all together 5 !!! final drives.Every 13k miles a new one.BMW paid for the first 4 and by #5 they said i was overloading the bike and refused to pay.
Got a 09 now which is on 24k miles now and all is well,so far
What oil was used? How much load do you carry? Stream crossings? Very dusty conditions?
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