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I started out early Friday, so as to avoid as much of the coming days heat as possible. It was going to be toasty. I crossed my way over to Tremonton I noticed again how much it cooled as you drop into a little valley and then it heats up as you ride back out. The smell of the Russian Olive Trees was fairly strong this morning, a sort of driving perfume to those of us out this way.
I had earlier determined that I would try and avoid as much of the super slab as possible. At freeway speeds with a stiff cross wind, and truckers who have been up way too long I thought the frontage roads and old state highways would be the best bet for me today. I wasn’t wrong.

As I made my way into Malad, folks were waiving hello’s my way, as if I were a long lost friend, even the little kids. I suppose I am.
I stopped at a convenience store and gassed up the bike before continuing on. I was slightly chilled for some reason and thought I would take a break and warm up, as the sun kept rising. A well experienced lady at the counter asked “where you headed” as she looked up and I responded to her smile and said “got any suggestions” she laughed and said “you guys are the same”. She was most pleasant, but you could tell life had not always, if ever, been easy, or kind to her.
I continued north on Old State Hwy 191, it was great, and the very reason we all do this kind of thing. It was more green and lush than anything I could remember when taking the freeway north, that parallels this same general route in the past. It then dawned on me how much of life happens just where you least expect it. Again folks waived as I passed by in McCammon and Inkom. I wondered if they could see the smile under my face mask or my bike looked extra happy today. No, I suppose, just good folks.

I finally made my way through Pocatello and then into American Falls, this was my destination for the day. My Grandparents and some Great Grandparents grew up in this area and I had wanted to visit this area. It had been many, many, years since I had been here. I brought with me a photo of my G-pa and two of his associates in there Sundays finest. Standing beneath the RR Bridge at the American Falls Dam, where I am today. The main difference being the roughly 90 years of lives spent, since they were here.

The following are some pics. of the American Falls before the power project was built and then various improvements in years to follow. According to family stories G-pa worked on both the dam and helping to move some buildings from down below to up above the new town and future water line after the town would be flooded. These and other construction projects being sponsored by the Bureau of Reclamation at the time.

White Sturgeon Fishing below the dam accrding to a fellow that was passing by.

I finally wandered over to Neely, just west of American Falls to the old cemetery and was able to find the headstones of some family members. I was struck by the headstones of the large number of infants, little ones, and young adults who passed on way to early in what must have been a tough area, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Here’s a pic of the view northward towards the Snake River in the distance. It was quite peaceful and cool here, the solitude was a welcome companion.

Bear River

Until Next Ride...
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